Our first Halloween in the DIY Mess

Halloween night, we had perfect, long-sleeve fall weather, so we sat on the front porch. Here’s a shot of us eagerly awaiting the cavalcade of costumed kiddos.

We’d been looking forward to this first holiday in Casa Vitone for weeks, and the neighborhood didn’t disappoint. There was a Wizard of Oz-themed family of four, the Daddy-slash-scarecrow of whom dutifully whistled “If I only had a heart” over and over again while Mom-slash-Wicked-Witch carried the booty. Dorothy and Glenda were all decked out in full regalia, with crooked pigtails and sparkly shoes. Precious.

There was the dad who accompanied a kindergarten-age Little Bo Peep and a preschooler sheep down the street. The shepherdess was absolutely terrified of the idea of approaching a stranger’s door and couldn’t even abide us BRINGING her the candy at the sidewalk. “Thanks, but we’re having a little trouble with the concept,” said the dad. Precious!!

And then there was our neighbor’s kid, a little pumpkin whose round orange belly completely obscured his view of his own feet. He stood at the top of the dozen-or-so steps outside his house and whimpered. PREH! SHUS!!!

In all, about 15 families came by. We had just enough candy to spoil each kid, plus a little left over for ourselves (score!). We declared our evening a perfect success.

And then, just as trick-or-treating hours were wrapping up, we heard spooky music from down the street. We turned off our porch light and followed our ears to a church just a stone’s throw from our door.

Apparently, our friendly neighborhood Episcopalians throw a big carnival and organ concert every year. We sat in the dimly lit, 100-year-old gothic church and listened as Dracula played Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor, flapping his cape dramatically in each pause, much to the delight of all the superheroes, ghouls, princesses, and ninjas in the pews.

Lately, we’re pretty prone to hermitage, being so close to finishing so many projects. Fortunately, every once in a while, life shoos us outside to remind us of the OTHER reason we indentured ourselves to the DIY Mess: Apart from its sweat-equity potential, it happens to be situated in the middle of paradise.


PS – In case you’ve been an ACTUAL hermit for the last two years, today is election day. Get thee to the polling place *NOW*!!!

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