One room at a time? HA!

Every once in a while, someone who hasn’t seen the house yet will ask me what our strategy is. “Are you doing one room at a time?” they say. And I just laugh and laugh and LAUGH.

Take the upstairs bathroom and guest room, for instance. The plan was to do the guest room, then the bathroom. Simple enough, right?

Wrong. Mid-way through drywalling the guest room, our pal T told us he’d decided to move out West—and take his truck with him. Which meant that if we wanted to haul any demo debris to the landfill, we’d better do it pronto. So we abandoned the guest room to knock ALL the plaster out of the bathroom and schlep away the dusty mess.

When that was done (cough, cough), it was back to the guest room…. Until the windows we’d special-ordered for the living room came in.

It always happens like this. Just when we think we’re closing in on a kind of closure—a pretty little before-and-after diptych to post—instead, little tornadoes spring up all over the house. Demo dust in the bathroom. Construction dust in the guest room. Piles of tools and screws and shims and wood filler and paint cans and brushes and rags and masking tape—and don’t forget the huge mounds of cardboard and Styrofoam packing materials—all over the living room, none of which we manage to clean up for weeks after the window-installation marathon is over.

And then it hits me: Summer is ending. If I want to strip the paint off the stairwell before the cold weather shuts us in and shuts down any fumey, open-window-type projects, I’ve gotta do THAT pronto.

And I do. And just as I’m starting to feel really smug about my progress (pictured here), having completed no less than 85 percent of the job, Dylan and I catch a bad cold, and we’re forced to spend the last few warm days of 2009 on the couch. Blarg!

So no, dear friends. Our strategy is not one room at a time. We’re happy if we can just take this one DAY at a time.

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