It’s 2011 already?!

Próspero año y felicidad, y’all! A very quick update: We are not dead. We’ve just been busy. And broke. Since we had to replace our heater last winter, we’ve been racing to pay if off before the interest kicked in. So. Apologies for the five months of radio silence. We just couldn’t afford to do a dang thing to the house for all this time.

But things are looking up. After working extra gigs all through the fall, I was finally able to pay everything off. Look out, 2011. Onward! Forward! Up, up, and away!

This year, we resolve to make at least two new DIY messes:

1) Convert the second-floor kitchen—where we’re currently storing our clothes in the cupboards—into a proper walk-in closet … with a washer and dryer.

2) Turn the hallway bathroom—the filthy, dank, downright spooky one on the second floor—into a lavatory fit for civilized people. Or at least us.

We probably won’t get to do most of the work until the summertime, when Dylan gets a break from teaching, but in the meantime we’ll probably at least start chipping away at the demo.

You hear me, Spooky Old Bathroom? We aint a skeer’d. We’re coming for you!

Wishing everyone a very merry 2011.

–Elaine & Dylan

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